Unıque art ın your body


The iris of all the people who have lived in the world and have lived until today is unique and personal, just like fingerprints. As Risis, we photograph your iris with special equipment and methods and deliver it to you as a work of art.

What is Iris Shot?

We photograph your iris with our own equipment and special light system. The raw image captured is delivered to you in a way that you can use and exhibit after arranging light and color.

Who Can Use It?

Anyone who is old enough to understand commands and keep their eyes open for at least 3-7 seconds.

Will It Harm My Eye?

The light intensity we use during shooting is weaker than the flashes in your phone. If you do not have extreme sensitivity to light and do not have any discomfort triggered by light, it will not harm your eyes.

Can the Image of the Iris be Used for Security Systems?

Photographs used for iris security systems are taken according to security program algorithms (angle, color, depth, etc.). Our shots are for artistic purposes, but do not meet the conditions that can be used by the programs.

glass table

We print and deliver your eyes in sizes you choose, with a vividness that will highlight its beauty, with unbreakable glass and non-fading printing technology.


We deliver your eyes as a silver necklace for you and your loved ones.


We deliver your eyes as a silver bracelet for you and your loved ones.


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